River Grown Cannabis

Oregon's Finest Gourmet Organic Recreational Marijuana

Purely Sown, River Grown

Cultivating the most unique and rare strains in Oregon

River Grown was founded by expert botanists dedicated to creating the pinnacle of quality and purity using their organic botanical talent. Our unique strains are selected for their aromas, taste, potency, and their ability to spread positive vibes. Only the finest strains on earth get to call themselves River Grown.

Cultivating relationships with the finest retailers in Oregon by providing the widest selection of rare organically grown recreational marijuana at competitive prices with consistent supply and prompt delivery.

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Why We're Different

Redefining Oregon's marijuana industry by providing premium organic products and superior service

Wide Selection
Rare Genetics
Finest Quality
Organically Grown
Ample Stock Levels

Our Process

River Grown's expert botanists created a unique organic marijuana farming process that is thriving in Oregon

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Our Strains

The finest gourmet organic recreational marijuana in Oregon

Our products are some of the rarest genetics you will find being raised in the Pacific Northwest. Being professional botanists; our proprietary methods allow us to produce genetic "specimen" that look, smell, taste, and deliver the clean organic effects that each strain was created for. 

Currently we have twelve recreational marijuana strains available in dispensaries and three upcoming strains. In order to provide Oregonians with the very finest genetics, our strains will be ever-changing.

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Find a River Grown Cannabis Retailer

Looking for the finest gourmet organic recreational marijuana in Oregon?

You've found it... Our gourmet organically grown recreational marijuana is found at several dispensaries within Oregon. Find out why everyone loves River Grown, stop by one of the dispensaries listed on our map and try some for yourself.

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