Why I Choose Organic Over Synthetic

When cultivating a garden of healthy plants it starts with the soil. Building a diverse soil with plenty of life is the most important thing you can do when trying to get the most optimal growth out of your garden. I believe the right proportions of different amendments along with beneficials such as earth worms, compost, meals, and different strains beneficial bacteria and fungi allows for the most natural growth possible with the plants in the most sustainable way.

When harsh fertilizers are used it can give your plants the growth you want to see but at great cost. By using synthetics the life of the soil is greatly diminished and hinders your ability to create a living soil that gets better with time. By using worms and natural compost found around the environment you are growing in you are working with mother nature rather then against it. Flavors and potency of terpenes and flavonoids are increased. When these are increased the plants natural ability to warn off pest and disease is much stronger.

So next time you need a “boost” for your plants it may be best to look a slower breaking down organic source instead of the quick synthetic fertilizer. By doing this you will be saving money and creating a better product at the same time. While synthetics may seem like a quicker, easier, and cheaper fix the cost in the end are much greater when you are throwing away your soil because it has become toxic to the plants your are trying to have flourish. By slowly building a living soil you can then apply only water to your plants and grow a bigger more vigorous plants every time you replant.

When your trying to save some money and produce the most beneficial plants organics are the most beneficial and sustainable way. Lets keep the earth green and reduce the amount of toxic inputs we put into the earth. Your plants will thank you.

David Klaff