The Importance of Container Size When Using Organic Growing Methods .

When you are building an organic living soil it is important to start from the ground up. Plants need different nutrients at different times. When you choose to go organic it is important to be ahead of the curve as organics take time to break down. While synthetics can be a quick fix in the long run they make essential organic nutrients unavailable causing further problems requiring more synthetics until most of all your organics die. When you plan ahead and know the needs of your plants you can make sure they have everything they need all the time.

One of the most important parts to this is having enough soil to have the right amount of bioactivity for your plant. While with synthetics you can use a smaller size because your more or less giving your plants food through the water rather then letting your plants work with your soil to find out what they need. With a small container the plant will deplete the nutrients faster then the biology of the soil can keep up. The best way to combat this is to grow in the ground rather then in containers. This isn’t always possible so when its not there are other techniques you can utilize such as shared beds. By utilizing shared beds we found you can massively increase the volume of soil used in a greenhouse. We have custom size beds made to maximize the the amount of soil we can use. By doing this we are maximizing the biologic activity in the soil. This gives our plants the most vigorous growth possible. Goes back to the age old saying bigger roots bigger fruits. What better way to have bigger roots then to give them more space to grow.

David Klaff