Why use beneficial bugs.

When your growing out doors and in greenhouses the luxury of keeping all intruders out is no longer possible. So when you cant keep any bugs good or bad out of your grow area what do you do? I believe the best way to win this battle is setting up a good army of defenders. These defenders will keep any pest in check when done properly.

When using this method it is important to be the home team. You need to bring in the good guys first before any bad guys are found. This method allows the good guys to have the upper hand. When it comes to a pest that can cause detriment to your garden we do not want to fight fair on this and who had the greater army will win the war. When you find a pest in a large garden there is good chance they have been building there army for awhile. When they are 10 thousand strong and exponentially growing throwing some predators at them may slow them down a little but ultimately getting the upper hand will be very difficult if not impossible. thats why I plan ahead, learn about the pest that are in your area of environment and put there enemy there first. That way if they show up you may never even know as your guys will eat them before they can eat your plants. Of course your still have to monitor your garden and be diligent in finding any unwanted pest and re applying your trained assigns to keep your plants safe.

I have found that using beneficial bugs from predator mites, lady bugs, and many other species of carnivorous bugs with the use of organic gardening techniques that keep your plants healthy and vigorous any unwanted bugs will have a very difficulty time effecting your crop. When using synthetic or organic sprays you kill the good bugs while building a resistance in the bad bugs giving them the upper hand. These synthetic and organic sprays can streets your plant as well. These bugs are just like any other creature in nature and go for the sick and wounded first thus leaving your garden vulnerable to an attack from unwanted pest allowing them to build a population that cannot be controlled. When growing organically and utilizing beneficial bugs it is important to be first to set up you defensive before any problems arise. Happy growing!

David Klaff