About Us

About River Grown Cannabis

Purity, Quality, Perfection, and Love Is Our Credo

River Grown was created by expert botanists with one goal in mind; to provide Oregonians with the highest quality organically grown recreational marijuana. Our strains are selected for their superior traits and are cultivated using our unique organic farming methods yielding the purest examples of their rare genetics.


Organically Grown, Purely Sown

River Grown is a green organization that never pollutes and positively affects our environment. We always compost our organic waste and reuse anything possible. We clean our local public lands and plant trees every month to leave the planet better than we found it.

Our Process

River Grown's premier botanists developed a unique organic marijuana farming process


Phase 1

During the first phase of our proprietary organic farming process cultivars that thrive in our specific climate are selected. Any cultivars that are not preforming at there peak performance are eliminated from the garden. We then different techniques specific to each strain to ensure they can can grow to there maximum potential.

Phase 2

During the second phase of development, the blooming process, we transition our organic inputs from a vegetative profile to a more rich blooming profile. With this new profile along with shorter days the plants show there true potential by growing beautiful aromatic flowers . We continue with different techniques specific to each cultivar to maximize resin and terpene content. With these techniques we end up with a premium flower that has developed to its maximum potential


Phase 3

During the final phase, we treat every individual bud as if it were being judged in a professional competition. We want to impress and deliver purity, quality, and perfection at a level our customers will never forget and will select above the rest!